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Realistic Rust Solution Box

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Manufacturer AMMO
Item No amo-7719
Scale 1/
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Solution Box Realistic Rust offers you everything you need to paint and weather subjects with surfaces partially or completely covered by rust effects.

Most military modellers are particularly fascinated by the aesthetic of rusty vehicles. This unique type of subject offers new opportunities to apply different painting techniques and effects than the usual, in addition to providing an extremely attractive and eye-catching finish to your models. Rusty vehicles are typically composed of contrasting rust shades both light and dark, traces of the worn-out camouflage paint, and different textures and unique rust staining in an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, you can always apply the more common weathering effects such as streaking, dust and earth effects, as well as grease and oil staining. Modelling a rusty vehicle is a uniquely enjoyable and entertaining process. If you follow the proper steps, the final result will be truly spectacular.

With this Solution Box, you will be able to paint and weather any rusty vehicle including AFVs, trucks, cars, ships, and wargaming subjects. Now simply grab your favourite model and start painting without further delay!
Included colors in this Set:
A.MIG-6519 Solution Book How to Paint Realistic Rust Solution Book
A.MIG-2026 Brown Oxide Primer One Shot Primer
A.MIG-0029 Desert Sand Acrylic Color
A.MIG-0033 Rubber & Tires Acrylic Color
A.MIG-0040 Medium Rust Acrylic Color
A.MIG-0041 Dark Rust Acrylic Color
A.MIG-0042 Old Rust Acrylic Color
A.MIG-0044 Chipping Acrylic Color
A.MIG-2011 Heavy Chipping Effects Auxiliary Product
A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner 35mL Auxiliary Product
A.MIG-2055 LUCKY VARNISH Matt (17mL) Acrylic Varnish
A.MIG-1002 Tracks WASH Enamel Wash
A.MIG-1004 Light Rust WASH Enamel Wash
A.MIG-1408 Fresh Engine Oil EFFECTS Enamel Effect
A.MIG-1750 Dry Earth Enamel Splash Mud
A.MIG-0851 SHADER Light Rust Shader
A.MIG-1254 STREAKINGBRUSHER Rust Streakingbrusher
A.MIG-3511 OILBRUSHER Red Primer Oilbrusher
A.MIG-3512 OILBRUSHER Dark Brown Oilbrusher
A.MIG-3006 PIGMENT Light Rust Pigment
A.MIG-3008 PIGMENT Track Rust Pigment
A.MIG-8611 3/0 Synthetic Round BRUSH Brush
A.MIG-8616 6 Synthetic Round BRUSH Brush
A.MIG-8621 6 Synthetic Flat BRUSH Brush

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